new sailsWe entered just two boats this year and we were in our trusty Whammel boats – with their new Goacher sails. Also competing in the open handicap race was Tony Longworth in his Lune Longboat, though he actually started late and was playing catch-up (actually very successfully because he wasn’t far behind us at the end!). We had a good day for sailing with plenty of wind and sunshine and we saw some of our friends, Amanda Wilson, Brian Garvey, out there competing in their own boats. We saw Robin Rose as he lapped us and he ended up in second place. Many thanks to Howard Knowles for giving us that extra cover in the RIB and pointing us in the right direction at the start! Official results as follows: Frieda – with David, Robert and Richard: 19th, then May Dora – with Martyn, Paul, Michael and Stephan: 22nd.