Our Boats

Cockshott Wood, Glebe Road, Bowness-on-Winderemere, Cumbria LA23 3HE
015394 45333 Registered Charity No. 1106865

Our humble beginnings started with an old GP14 which was restored over the winter of 1992 at a Whinfell Centre in Kendal. We had safety boat cover from the sailing centre at Miller Ground in those days.  Equipment and buoyancy aids were borrowed. Our current fleet consists of 3 Whammels, a Laser Stratos, two Access Dinghies, a Safety Boat and 4 Open Canoes.

Frieda was our first purchase and has been a faithful member of the fleet since 1995. Most of the funding for Frieda came from the Frieda Scott Trust, who have also supported us many times since then. A 17 foot, lug rigged, Lune Whammel boat, built by Bill Bailiff, she is based on the traditional fishing boats of the 1900’s which were used  off Sunderland Point and on the tidal estuaries of Morecambe Bay. With enviable tan sails, shallow keel and  built in buoyancy, she made the perfect choice for stability, carrying enough people and mooring in a boathouse. She has an unstayed mast which can be lowered and raised very easily.

Frieda set the trend and a second Whammel, Joanna, joined the fleet in 2002. Her dark green hull, alongside Frieda’s white, made them real head turners on the lake.  It was fun to sail them alongside each other and the peels of laughter could be heard coming downwind from our happy sailors. Whammels can accommodate 6 people very comfortably, they tack slowly and their stability is ideal for people with limited or slower movement.  Our winch and wide floating jetty mean that wheelchair users can now access the boats so that they can also crew or  helm  the boats in a safe and supportive environment. A third Whammel, May Dora joined the fleet in 2011. May Dora has a wonderful serendipitous tale to tell all of her own and to find out more about our other boats click on their individual pages.