RS Venture Keel

Cockshott Wood, Glebe Road, Bowness-on-Winderemere, Cumbria LA23 3HE
015394 45333 Registered Charity No. 1106865

RS Venture Keel   June Hague – New in 2016

This is a very versatile boat which comes with a “Sailability” kit so that it can be sailed with a joy stick and has two bucket seats side by side. We were the first in the country to  order the boat with electric hydraulic controls, which were not at all reliable during the first season so have since been up-graded. The boat can be controlled manually with a joy stick or electrically using either a rocker switch or a suck/puff straw control. It has an asymetric spinnaker and can carry up to 4 people.

The boat is more suitable for adults and sails faster than the Access 303.

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